Shipped a side project
Built a Website
The Shure SM7B undoubtedly is an awesome piece of technology, used by thousands of musicians, artists and so on. But it is also widely used by live streamers who are often also working as influencers.

When a friend of mine bought his Shure SM7B, I jokingly said "Oh, now you too have the influencer microphone."

That's when I got the idea of making I noticed how many streamers on Twitch were using this microphone too, so I wanted to put them on display and made this small website that does nothing but list streamers who use this website.

I manually curated the list of streamers (still on-going, if you want to be on the list, shoot me a message!) and it even highlights streamers when they are live using Twitch's API!

It gave me a good reason to, once again, use Next.js and Vercel. Both of which I frequently use to just build a quick website.

You can checkout the source code over at GitHub, if you want.

I was joking about the microphone first, but a month later I bought it myself too. Hehe.