Shipped a side project
Built a library
Years ago, when using jQuery was still a cool thing to do, I was also using facebook a lot. Back then, I was already very much interested into programming, building websites, etc.

And I found it especially cool that #hashtags were highlighted within the text input field. I really wanted to know how one could do this, so I dug into the source code and eventually had the idea to create my first public library: jQuery Hashtags

It allowed you to do exactly what facebook was doing. You could basically mark a `textarea` HTML element and then it was capable of highlighting hashtags!

Obviously, I wasn't really knowing what I was doing back then and it was more or less trial-and-error rather than proper programming like I'd do today, but it was still very much fun to find out how things work. People even starred the repository, started using it and made pull requests!

I would not recommend using it, as it is very much outdated by now, but you can still try it out here.