Used Python
Some days ago, a coworker posted a link to StockClock™, a "Live Price Display for Crypto & Stocks".

We thought it was a fun idea but I found the price to be too high, so I wanted to figure out how they built this and how it works.

Luckily, their product pictures reveal that they are using a Adafruit MatrixPortal M4. I bought one because I really like such hardware and wanted to know what I can do with it.

Obviously, as my first project I made it my goal to basically replicate their price display and it also gave me a good opportunity to finally have a look at the Python language. Now I understand why it's so popular: Because it's simple!

It should really look exactly like the real thing so I created a tiny bitmap image and painted each pixel where it belonged.

In the attached image you can see the result. Fun little project!